Within the framework of the national bus strategy in the following 6 years 6 000 buses will be modernized in public transportation, said the Minister of Innovation and Technology of Hungary in his official speech delivered at the production site of IKARUS in Székesfehérvár on the 17th of May 2019.

László Palkovics claimed that there are more than 8 000 buses in Hungary, the majority of it, which means 6 000 buses operate within public transportation and inter-city circulation. In the next period, the Government plans to change these buses into modern vehicles. There have already been some important measures taken involving some of the Hungarian bus manufacturers and it turned out that neither in production capacity nor in bus technology there is no difficulty when it comes to the satisfaction of local demands.

The Minister emphasized the importance of putting electric buses into operation, especially in those cities, where population exceeds 25 000. Thereby, diesel buses will gradually be replaced with environmentally friendly vehicles.

Gábor Széles, the Chairman of IKARUS Group highlighted that IKARUS could sense this technological change just at the right time, thus his enterprise together with China’s greatest bus manufacturer have already developed an electric vehicle that is capable of taking 250 km with a single charge. He also pointed out that his team is already working on increasing the range up to 800 km.

Parliament representative Tamás Vargha expressed his joy concerning the revival of bus manufacturing in Székesfehérvár, stating that IKARUS is ready to do its share in the production of 6 000 electric buses in the upcoming years.