Electrobus Europe, the subsidiary of the two notable bus manufacturing companies, the Hungarian IKARUS and the Chinese CRRC, made its debut on Busexpo, Hungary’s only domestic bus fair on the 8th of May, 2019. The exhibition, which included a technical conference, took place at Drivingcamp Hungary in Zsámbék. The event is annually organized, offering a great opportunity for marketers to introduce technical developments, demonstrate innovative ideas and discuss future plans and smart solutions.

The joint venture of IKARUS and CRRC brought its first model of full electric city bus to the expo, making its already second public appearance since the company’s foundation. The 12 m long CityPioneer electric bus was first displayed in the downtown of Székesfehérvár in December 2018. This time visitors could test the bus on the way, which proved to operate successfully on the test ground.

The exhibited vehicle owns a body framework, which had been produced by the Chinese co-founding company, however, assembling was done by IKARUS Járműtechnika Ltd. in Hungary. In order to meet European standards, Electrobus Europe decided on redesigning the bus and is currently working on the construction of the new prototype at the production site of IKARUS in Székesfehérvár.

Tamás Fehérváry, the CEO of Electrobus Europe, in his presentation on the conference announced that the construction of the body framework of the new European prototype is already finished and the introduction of the prototype of the new electric city bus is expected in August 2019 followed by its mass production, which will take place at the factory of IKARUS Járműtechnika Ltd. He added that the finished product will contain 60 to 70% Hungarian and European components.

The main difference between the first and the second prototype of the electric city bus is the body framework itself. The stainless steel used in the production of the body framework of the new prototype is of IKARUS’s speciality. This material guarantees longer durability enabling the body framework to endure two battery terms, said János Horváth, the General Manager of IKARUS Járműtechnika Ltd. The production site of IKARUS has recently been enriched with a professional team and plant making room for high-quality mass production, he continued.

Electrobus Europe also exhibited certain pieces of the stainless framework in its own booth at the exhibitors’ area, where visitors could see the professional workmanship of the IKARUS welding team.

The CityPioneer created for mass production will not only have internal differences compared to the exhibited piece but its exterior will also be adapted based on European standards. It means that the size of the doorways, the height of the steps, the arrangement of the seats and railings will all be changed. Moreover, the bus will receive electric doors.

The electric bus of the subsidiary already owns a UITP SORT 2 test report. The performance of its 313 kW battery is generally suited for 200-260 km, depending on weather and land conditions. However, based on the latest test drive, the bus is able to perform 300 km. The charging time is between 5 and 6 hours.

Electrobus Europe plans to start its sales in the second half of 2019 and with the above-mentioned parameters it hopes to become a successful enterprise with many CityPioneers driving on the streets of not only Hungary but of other European countries.